Euromillions Trivia and Facts

The current participating countries are Spain, United Kingdom, France, Austria, Portugal, Ireland, Switzerland (it joined the lottery in 2008), Luxembourg and Belgium.

In this lottery, the player selects five numbers. The numbers can be any integers from number 1 to number 50. There are 2 lucky stars and these can be anything between 1 and 9. If the person gets all the five numbers and the 2 lucky star numbers, he is eligible to play in the jackpot. The chances of winning the game are very slim and just so you know, the probability is a whopping 1/116,531, 800.

For you to win the game, you have to guess 7 numbers. The only consolation about the high odds is the big prize that is given in EuroMillions. The ticket costs 2 Euros in Europe and 2 pounds in the UK. France has been the luckiest country and so far, out of the many countries in the jackpot, it has won the most lotteries. The first winner, Dolores McNamara won 77 million Euros in July 2005. The biggest price ever won was 183 million Euros. The jackpot was rolled a record 11 times and the money was distributed among 20 people. This is the most popular and the biggest lottery in the world.

Unlike Eurojackpot, this lottery has 13 tier prizes and this gives the participating players one in thirteen chances of winning. If you play one ticket two times in a week, these are eight winning chances in a year. The fact that you have to choose numbers other than the normal six gives the player less chances of winning the game. The member countries of the jackpot benefit from the lottery and this money goes to good causes like charities in the country. This makes the game special because the participating players all win even when they lose.

Sometimes the random numbers that you pick can form a pattern. If you are keen enough, you can be able to pick the numbers in specific patterns and if you do so, there are greater chances that you will win the game. The winning numbers are spread across the number field. The chances of the winning numbers being all odd or all even are very rare, and it is the same case with all the numbers being high or low. Therefore, the best thing is to have a balanced set of even and odd, low and high numbers.

Another fact about this jackpot is that the sum of the numbers that you pick determines your chances of winning the game. The sum of the numbers that you pick should fall between 115 and 185. The numbers that fall in this range have 70 percent chance of winning the game. The final fact is that if the jackpot hits 185 million Euros, then there will be no more roll over.

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